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Set up your business listing that gives your business, small or medium, an opportunity to showcase your brand. 

Be found on one of the largest business Information Exchange platform for Businesses which help reduce “Climate Change”. Your unique digital identity will help you stand out and bring in newer business opportunities.




Business Growth Features

  • Work directly with manufacturers, trading companies and wholesalers across the globe
  • Create an listing for your brand, no coding necessary
  • Find all kinds of categories and businesses
  • Access a global customer base
  • Personal Enquiries right in your inbox
  • An integrated ecosystem which connects businesses to businesses and consumers to businesses all under one roof
  • Thoughtful UI and UX makes search easier
  • Your business, your way; own your relationships
  • Buyers and Sellers talk without any restrictions
  • Not Just Quantity, Quality Leads

Financial Features

  • Zero Commission on Transactions, irrespective of the value of the trade
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Seller and the buyer can make mutual settlements using any convenient method of payment.
  • Cost-Effective Subscription Model

Listing Features

  • Display Images, videos,certifications, and more
  • Create Online or Offline Events
  • Upload Brochures, Product Lists or a Whitepaper
  • Know about sell-through, production capacity and MOQ's
  • Find companies who offer private-label services
  • Payments and Shipping Options Offered
  • Bookmark a business for easier consumer access
  • Related Listings
  • Gamified Platform for increased user engagement
  • 24*7 Customer Service via Email
  • Know kind of consumers businesses are looking at
  • Know if the business offers samples or prototypes
  • Personalized keyword recommendations for SEO
  • Featured and Promoted Listings
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Report Listings

Going Green or helping reduce climate change is not just a business, its good karma. You save animal lives, our environment, our planet and our future generations too.