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Save A Life Challenge

Whether you are a registered business on our platform or a subscriber, all of you can be a part of our “Save a Life Challenge”

The Game gives you a Purpose. The Real Game is, to Contribute to a Purpose.”

Save a Life Challenge is about creating an awareness about how our choices impact the life of an animal as well as our health, environment and well-being as a whole.

You would simply have to complete some tasks on the platform on a regular basis for a set of points which earns you a reward based on the number of points reached.

Based on your interaction, we would contact you at the end of the month. You should be among the top three users on our platform. You would also receive a small token of appreciation from us, for participating in this saving a life challenge. Good Luck !!

We’re changing how Vegans Grow together

Vegans are a small but growing community, no-doubt about that, but we still have a long way to go, for us and for the animals.

Through the mode of gamification we are creating a community of people who share, inspire and grow together both as individuals as well as a businesses. 

We don’t have competition here among businesses, only coopetition where businesses and individuals collaborate and compete at the same time with a shared goal of spreading the message of veganism