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Nomaterra Fragrances is a New York City-based company for nomads (Noma) of the earth (Terra) formed by the globe-trotting husband and wife team of self-taught perfumer Agnieszka (Aggie) and Benjamin Burnett. They create beautiful, luxurious scents with natural and organic ingredients inspired by a unique location.


Agnieszka’s first and most influential adventure was escaping communist Poland with her parents in 1986 at age one. Dreaming of freedom, they said goodbye to their family, friends, and everything they ever knew for a fresh start in New York City.


A family tradition of journeying to discover new locations every year began that would last throughout Aggie's childhood and beyond. Curiosity, discovery, and an openness to different cultures and places was valued and encouraged. The family traveled throughout the United States, with Miami Beach their first visit, followed by Washington D.C., East Hampton/Montauk, the Caribbean, and Europe - with frequent returns to Poland. Each location exudes its own, very individual scent characteristics and childhood memories for Agnieszka - memories that inspired Nomaterra’s first collection of fragrances.


Agnieszka’s keen understanding of beauty trends stem from her years working in beauty marketing, and as beauty editor at Glamour Magazine. This industry grounding combines with Aggie's degree in chemistry from Columbia University to provide her deep appreciation for slight nuances in the composition of fragrances. Benjamin Burnett also has a degree from Columbia, in biochemistry. His expertise in biology, chemistry, mathematics, and engineering is integral to Nomaterra's creation of new and innovative products and application systems that marry beauty with an on-the-go lifestyle.

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