LUSSO LIFESTYLE is an Indian brand started under the parent company-LuxLyf found by Bhaveen Doshi who was an animal lover but at the same time used to enjoy wearing Leather belts and shoes from high street luxury brands such as Gucci and Prada .


He loved these products so much that he wanted to know how these beautiful products were made . He looked up to the making of these products on the internet and came across several such videos where animals were tortured , beaten and killed for their parts. He was traumatised and felt disgusted. He realised that the luxuries he owned had an innocent life attached to them.


The products that he thought were “BEAUTIFUL” were now just too ugly.


Bhaveen wanted to do something for these innocent souls who were being killed for no reasons . He wanted to spread awareness about the harsh truth behind these luxury products. He went further and started researching about what could possibly replace Leather? Spent half a year , researching daily and reviewing alternatives. With the help of few experts, he finally arrived to a conclusion of using a combination of high grade Polyurethane and Rexin, which aesthetically looked as appealing as leather and had the same comfort level .


The brand is named Lusso (meaning; ‘Luxury’ in Italian) to convey a simple message that “Luxury not necessarily has to have Leather.” Our shoes are not made out of leather but still it no where compromises over the quality and are as stylish and as comfortable as leather shoes & YES also more “BEAUTIFUL.” Lusso Lifestyle has taken an initiative of providing an alternative to Leather Shoes




Now it’s time for you all to do your bit for the ecosystem and start using not only Vegan Food but also Vegan Products.



Veganism is the new Lifestyle & Vegan Products our new Alternatives.




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