With JUJUs on your feet, we hope to help you not only feel elegant, beautiful and comfortable, but also content, in knowing that you have helped sustain and celebrate local artisans and their art; you have helped the sustainable fashion industry grow; and you have helped a shelter animal in need.


We have designed JUJUs so that they may be worn with your every day attire, as well as with formal wear for grander occasions. Because each pair of JUJUs looks effortlessly elegant, classy, and luxurious. And very importantly, they are designed keeping your utmost comfort in mind, so you can always feel beautiful and confident in them, no matter the setting.


JUJUs are for the modern woman, making the statement for you as you walk into any room.


The word ‘JUJU’ stands for ‘energy’ and everything is made of energy. Energy that exudes a vibe. You could say juju is the ‘vibe’ you feel when you first meet someone, or when you walk into a room…. you instantly just know whether the vibe of that person, or that place, makes you feel good or not.


We named our brand JUJU because of our one main goal behind creating it - to spread good energy, and to make everyone connected with it feel good. And we aim to do this through our brand of luxury, handcrafted, and responsibly sourced, vegan shoes.


We believe that the good energy we spread is an infinity loop (hence our logo). Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it just moves from one place to another, one form to another. It starts from one end of the spectrum with the creators, and moves to you, before coming right back at us. Because whilst it touches the lives of the artisans and the consumers, it also pays a visit to the animals we help through our sales, bringing the joy right back to us to complete the loop! With every pair of JUJU shoes that is bought, we keep this infinite loop of goodness going.



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