Discover the beauty of fine, vegan fragrance.
The story begins in 1982. When Jim Payne first set up Dolma, his idea was simple. He showed that it is possible to commercially produce quality fragrance without harming animals in any way.


Using all-natural products, Jim, a qualified chemist and practicing vegan, set about creating his first vegan fragrance from essential oils with perfumery compounds and ethyl alcohol.


Over 30 years later, our devotion to cruelty-free fragrance is shown by our commitment to using animal-free ingredients to produce our much-loved perfumes.


Customers who don’t want their money to fund animal cruelty are able to buy from Dolma with a clear conscience.


Trusted Nature Ltd
We are an independent British company. There is no parent company and we have no association with any organisation that conducts animal testing or uses animal derived ingredients.


Many people are unaware animals are suffering for them to smell good.


Well-known within the vegan and vegetarian community, Dolma is a favorite of caring customers who want to smell nice while knowing animals don’t suffer in the process.

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