Valuing a cosmetology in harmony with its environment and the progress in cell renewal, DN-UNIK represents the organic solution for a youthful skin. DN-UNIK conveys the advances of cosmetology to an audience concerned to preserve the youthful beauty of their skin and the planet. In consideration of environmental aspects, plants and algae are harvested in a rational way from organic farming.


No ingredient considered potentially at risk is used, nor synthetic fragrance nor coloring. Not tested on animals.


Suppliers are selected preferably in France.


Founder of DN-UNIK, Joëlle Klein stands at the crossroads of cosmetics, dietetics, aromatherapy and phytotherapy, and offers a rare in-depth expertise of 360° beauty.


In the way of a visionary poet, Joëlle Klein was fortunate to grow up in the heart of luxurious nature whose secrets were passed on to her. Studies in dietetics, herbal medicine and aromatherapy confirmed her choice of a holistic approach to beauty; because beauty does not rhyme with pain. On the contrary, pleasure and voluptuousness create beauty. An ethics and life style where respect for nature and for one’s own self are vital.

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