Introducing the dernier cri of men’s footwear, "Achilles' Heel" – A weakness of the strong footed haut monde


Achilles’ Heel is passionate, but dedicated to design, comfort and craftsmanship. The brand, while creating global as well as Indian designs, is derived from the Greek phrase Achilles’ heel. The brand name represents its product strength as an inspiration from the immortality of the Greek hero – Achilles. His weakness in the heel signifies every buyer’s weakness for these shoes. Feet give balance and ambulation and therefore, Achilles' Heel is picky about giving the best comfort and fashion available in the footwear market.


Achilles’ Heel endorses style that strikes a fine balance between the classic and the modern, the discreet and the bold with exquisite taste being the only criterion for selection. This unique proposition is an amalgamation of style forward designs offering superior comfort, craftsmanship par excellence and an online store experience which stands unmatched.


The Achilles’ Heel e-boutique allows its customers to browse through its complete collection from the comfort of their homes - or shop even while on the move with its mobile smart phones and ipad friendly services. The online store is designed to encourage customers to directly engage and experience the brand. Achilles' Heel also facilitates shopping directly from its Facebook page. This means a world where not only have consumer expectations been set by a decade of shopping online, but one where consumers can access all the things they love about e-commerce – convenience, total price transparency, deliveries within India and also internationally and a virtually endless choice – out in the ‘real world’ too.





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  • July 3, 2020 1:03 pm local time

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