The most Relevant Marketplace for Green Product Businesses

Green Product Marketplace

  • Have you ever wondered why your product sales fail to grow exponentially?
  • Have you ever wondered, if there is a demand for your particular type of products in more than one market, but you’re not able to reach there?
  • Have you ever wondered whether you’re covering most types of buyers who might benefit from the products you offer?
  • Have you ever wondered, in spite of having a very niche product and can still grow beyond a certain level?
  • Have you ever wondered if there might be other businesses who are just looking for your kind of products, but they can’t reach you, just because they don’t know you?
  • Have you ever wondered dependency on one country or supplier for all your imports or exports can hamper your business big time, if things go wrong?
  • Have you ever wondered why your green products do not create the impact its supposed to, in case of its up-take ?

If you ever wondered if there is someone which can address these issues, well you now have one.

To address these issues Greenesta Global has created one of a kind product marketplace to help your business grow worldwide.

This green product marketplace is primarily for companies who offer green products, vegan products or sustainable products for consumers.

These kinds of products should not:

  • Endanger the health of people or animals
  • Damage the environment at any stage of its life, including manufacture, use, and disposal
  • Consume a disproportionate amount of energy and other resources during manufacture, use, or disposal
  • Cause unnecessary waste, either as a result of excessive packaging or a short useful life.
  • Involve the unnecessary use of or cruelty to animals
  • Use materials derived from threatened species or environments

They can be a manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer or even an innovator who creates green or sustainable products for everyday consumer use or they can be good to offer as vegan gifts or sustainable gifts too.

Business Growth Features

  • Connect with manufacturers, wholesalers or retailers worldwide
  • Local Customers can buy directly from your site.
  • 0 % commission irrespective of the value of the trade
  • Option to showcase your business products as private label
  • Option to show if you offer dropshipping
  • Your Business, Your Way; own your relationships
  • Grow at your own pace
  • No Hidden Charges
  • An integrated ecosystem which connects businesses to businesses and consumers to businesses all under one roof
  • Add upto 10 product categories* (Upto 20 images per category– with an direct enquiry form )
  • Personalized SEO for your product categories
  • Buyers and Sellers talk without any restrictions
  • Reduced Business Risks through Diversification

  • Connect with customers looking for Personalization
  • Make mutual settlements, your way.