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  • Have you ever wondered why most business directories never gets your business the results you seek, infact they harm your business more than they benefit you ?
  • Have you ever wondered why your business does not rank well for your desired search terms, even after sustained efforts?
  • Have you ever wondered why and how your business reputation is harmed, even without you knowing about it?
  • Have you ever wondered what would happen if you did not claim your business lisitng and your competitors did ?
  • Have you ever wondered, what if your companies first touch-point with potential consumers be created on a business directory, and you lose out on it simply because you were just not there?
  • Have you ever wondered that 90% of the customers who leave your site, never come back again, but relevant business directories can get newer and newer consumers increasing your business exposure globally.
  • Have you ever wondered, how much benefit you were to gain if were to offer your products and services, right then and there to customers who just love what you have to offer ?
  • Have you ever wondered most business directories are local, what business exposure can your business get if they are a part of a global business directory.

If you ever wondered if there is a someone which can address these issues for you, well you now have one.

To address these issues Greenesta Global was created as one of the most comprehensive yet niche business directories focused on environmentally friendly companies.

Why a Niche Directory ?

Keyword focused, quality, one way link – Link building is one of the most powerful things you can do to to drive traffic to your website. But not all links are equal in the eyes of the search engines. A good quality, one way link from a reputable site from a green companies directory is one way to assure the search engines will love you. And you can never have too much link love.

Extremely targeted traffic – Just being in an eco-friendly companies directory with others in your industry helps drive traffic to you. If someone coming to check out cruelty free beauty products will also see someone offering leather substitutes. This way you are being exposed to new clients every day, a win-win for everyone.

Much cheaper than advertising –Just think about it, you could easily go through x amount in PPC ads or other forms of advertising, and it’s something you have to continuously keep up. If you run out of money, your ad goes down. But with an environmental friendly companies directory, that same x amount would last you for a whole year and would be driving traffic on autopilot to exactly the customers you’re trying to reach.

You have Control – You have the control to change or add content to your green companies listing whenever you want.

Thought leadership – Being in an eco-friendly industry directory with other businesses who are doing well puts you in the same category, and that’s awesome for your business.

Targeted traffic. An environmental friendly companies directory would even attract other companies such as those who are in clean technology or environmental technology space and much more targeted traffic from users than general directories, since most users come with a certain expectation or need. In essence, your users are already sold on you being on a niche platform, which is great news for your conversion rates.

Quality backlinks. Search engine algorithms often place a higher value on links from niche categories such as green or sustainability.

Greenesta Global provides specialized features to fully demonstrate your green business and capabilities in one place. This is an excellent way of helping customers and other businesses interact with your business more meaningfully than just viewing its listing. An attractive, interactive listing enhances a business visibility by helping users do some of the marketing. Additionally, such listings also help to build trust in consumers that you are a genuine and reputable business.

And this is just the beginning…


Business Growth Features

  • Work directly with manufacturers, trading companies and wholesalers across the globe
  • Describe the collaborations you're looking for
  • Access a global customer base
  • No coding knowledge necessary
  • Related Listings
  • Display Images, videos,certifications, and more
  • Upload Brochures, Product or Services Lists or a Whitepaper
  • Payments and Shipping Options Offered
  • Bookmark a business for easier consumer access
  • Bookmark a business for easier consumer access
  • An integrated ecosystem which connects businesses to businesses and consumers to businesses all under one roof
  • Thoughtful UI and UX makes search easier
  • Your business, your way; own your relationships
  • Buyers and Sellers talk without any restrictions
  • Identify Customer Location and Customer Demographics
  • Know kind of consumers businesses are looking at
  • Featured and Promoted Listings
  • 24*7 Customer Service via Email
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Report Listings