We enable consumers to discover businesses dealing in "CRUELTY-FREE" products and facilitate trade between these businesses globally.

What you put in your body or on your body counts !!

Our company is a collective of amazing people looking to make a difference through cruelty-free products.

As a consumer we’re spoilt for choices. Multitude platforms and immunerable products sounds great, but there’s a hidden downside.

Most of them are not cruelty-free. We think we are making a choice for ourselves, but we’re actually making a choice for someone else’s life too. 

Our company is a collective of cruelty-free businesses striving to create a more compassionate world.

As businesses, you’re always competing with millions of other products and thousands of brands which provide products which seems similar, but are intrinsically very different than what you offer. 

So, whether you’re a manufacturer, wholesaler or a retailer, we want to showcase your message to the world, through what you offer.


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