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Thanks to greenhouse gases, the Earth’s climate is changing. Businesses are the ones who are primarily responsible for it and they are the ones which can make a huge positive impact too.

The products and services they offer may save us from wholesale climate calamityBut what should most businesses be doing to address climate change? What can — and should — they do? And what happens if they don’t. 

Climascapes answers these questions and much more. 

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World without Climate Change

Climate Change Today

As populations, economies and standards of living grow, so does the cumulative level of greenhouse gas (GHGs) emissions and that’s not a good sign.

The World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report, found that one of the five biggest risks faced by the world in 2017, in terms of potential impact, is weapons of mass destruction. All of the four others are climate-related: extreme weather events, water crises, major natural disasters, and failure of climate-change mitigation and adaptation

Climate change has the potential to disturb the life of the present as well as the future generations. Sustainability at a business or a user level is going to be of paramount importance each passing day. 


A Marketplace for a Sustainable Future

Climate Change is real and so are the issues it brings with it. So, what better way than to bring businesses who encourage sustainability in their consumers through the products and services under one platform.


Brand Owners

This is primarily for product companies who own the intellectual property rights for a green brand.


This is primarily for services which help consumers and businesses adopt green.

green crowdfunding


This is primarily for companies who bring innovation through green products or services.

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Reduce the global carbon footprint through businesses.

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We're creating an intersection of trust, environmental protection and economic practice woven onto one platform to address the issue of Climate Change.


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