Climate Change is creating a new business landscape.
Sustainable businesses can capture this multi-billion opportunity, but is your business ready ?
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The Trust Reality

Trust is the glue that grows businesses and solves consumer problems.  

Just think about it.

  • Will a company do business with another company they don’t trust ?
  • Will a consumer even try out a product or a service from a company they don’t trust ?

I don’t think I would, would you ?

Though having a good product or a service is the first step, many in today’s world have comparable products and services, what’s lacking is trust. There’s a good reason for it too

  • Low cost branded products are flooding the market and good original products are sidelined into oblivion.
  • Sales targets super-cedes customer satisfaction.
  • Social media platforms are manipulated, you don’t know who has genuine followers and who doesn’t.

You get the drift, the list is endless and this is what happens then.

  • As a business you refrain to do business with companies you don’t trust but actually are really good and trust-worthy, it’s a lose-lose situation for both
  • As a consumer, you might feel cheated if the product is not what it’s like or what it claimed to be, especially if its a newer product. You lose trust and would not want to try out newer products ever again, but this way you might also miss out on some genuine products which might have definitely helped you solve your problem. It’s again a lose-lose situation for both.

Here’s what we choose to do, we want to be a platform for businesses which are trustworthy as well as sustainable, that’s like keeping the trust of the consumer as well as the keeping the trust of the environment. Doesn’t that make sense ?

How about a Trusting Future ?

If people like you, they'll listen to you, but if they trust you they'll do business with you.

Tech and Climate Change

The Business Reality

Businesses today have to scream to be heard. More than 90% of people who search for something do not go beyond the first 3 results and 98% of the users do not go beyond the 3rd Page. So, how do other businesses search for your business and how do you search for them.

But, that’s not the only issue:

  • It’s increasingly difficult to differentiate what your company offers.
  • Customers today have too many choices, so customer loyalty is now a thing of the past.
  • Advertising has become more expensive and offers even lesser returns
  • There are lesser and lesser returns, even for more work.
  • You have a great product, but find it difficult to grow beyond a certain limit
  • The message of sustainability does not resonate with people, the way you thought it would.

But, a miniscule shift in your business approach can create geometric profit growth and an entirely new level of success for your company.

So, what’s the way out ?

How about a Brighter Business Future ?

You don't close a sale, you open a relationship, if you want to build a long term successful enterprise.

World without Climate Change

The Climate Reality

Greenhouse gases occur naturally and are essential to the survival of humans and millions of other living things, by keeping some of the sun’s warmth from reflecting back into space and making Earth livable. But after more than a century and a half of industrialization, deforestation, and large scale agriculture, large scale animal farming, quantities of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have risen to unprecedented levels. As populations, economies and standards of living grow, so does the cumulative level of greenhouse gas (GHGs) emissions and that’s not a good sign, until we do something about it.

In fact, the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report, which draws on assessments from 750 experts, found that one of the five biggest risks faced by the world in 2017, in terms of potential impact, is weapons of mass destruction. All of the four others are climate-related: extreme weather events, water crises, major natural disasters, and failure of climate-change mitigation and adaptation. Climate change has the potential to slow our economic growth in the coming decades as temperature changes could reduce incomes globally by roughly 23% by 2100. 

The combination of changing prices and changing weather patterns would likely cause changing demands for green products and services. to mitigate these life-altering risks for people and cater to their growing demands. Is your business ready ?

Our Sales Growth Pillars


Breed Trust

Be Honest in dealing with the smallest consumer to the largest MNCs.


Deliver Value

Collaborate with businesses or customers online or offline to deliver value.


Promote Sustainability

Reduce the carbon footprint through the products or services you offer

What does Greenesta Global do ?

We're creating an intersection of trust, environmental protection and economic practice woven onto one platform.


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